Jaguars News · LBSU Crew Informational Meeting – Monday, 3:15pm

Fall starts a new year, and CSULB is again looking to recruit seniors graduating in 2021 for its rowing teams. I am writing on behalf of the Cal State Long Beach rowing program to offer student athletes at your school the opportunity to take advantage of several major benefits being offered by CSULB to students who become members of the Beach Crew rowing program.

These benefits include:

·       preferred registration starting in their second semester

·       Additionally, young men and women who join Beach Crew will have access to individual advisement and tutoring to make sure they stay on track for graduation in four years.

The biggest reason for not graduating in four years is students’ inability to get the classes needed to complete their majors. Preferred registration allows students to get the classes they need when they need them. The current six-year graduation rate at Cal State Long Beach is 67% (33% take longer—or do not graduate). With proper planning, a crew member can graduate in four years and save the cost of two extra years of tuition and living expenses.

I know you must be familiar with athletes at your school who won’t be offered letters-of-intent and/or scholarships, but who have interest in being involved in athletics in college, have terrific athletic abilities and have demonstrated the dedication needed to commit a demanding team sport.  These are the students that we wish to target. Their ability to row is not a prerequisite. Size (6’2” for men and 5’8” for women), stamina, and desire are. Note: Almost all rowers enter university crew teams as novices.

We hope you will read the attached files and counsel students who meet the criteria to seriously consider the benefits of rowing and the advantages the program and University offer.

We must remember that all applications need to be in by the end of November. It is a narrow window, so we need to begin now to make it possible for students to take advantage of this offer. In order to take advantage of preferred registration, BCA needs to submit their registration number by October 30, 2020.

Please contact me if you think any of your students (who have or will have met the CSU entry requirements) would benefit from this program or if you have questions about the program.

Meeting info: 843 2009 4327
Passcode: 391645
Gary Barton
Beach Crew Alumni Association
Recruiting Committee Chair