Jaguars News · Spring Senior Spotlight #7 – Jason Faulkner, Brianna Padilla, Stephanie Estrada

Jason Faulkner – Volleyball

Years on Varsity – 1

Favorite Memory – Playing volleyball with my teammates

Future Plans – Go to College, hopefully UCI if not transfer from OCC.


Brianna Padilla – Lacrosse & Track






















Years on Varsity – 2

Favorite Memory – Lacrosse – My favorite team memory would be when we beat Norco for the 2nd time and our pregame and postgame cheers.  Track –  My favorite team memory was when we all got together at the end of GWL finals and celebrated our 2nd year of winning league champs

Future Plans – I plan to attend either Cal State Monterrey Bay or OCC


Stephanie Estrada – Stunt

Years on Varsity – 3

Favorite Memory – Cheering at football games

Future Plans – Attend college & major in Kinesiology.